Healing School

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Course Description

In the first session you’ll learn what the Bible says about healing, how Jesus healed the sick, how the disciples healed the sick and what they taught us to do about healing.

In this second session, you’ll learn how to practically heal the sick and pray for healing. You’ll pray and see and feel Jesus heal the sick as pain disappears, legs grow, arms grow, spines realign and much more.

In the last session, you’ll learn about how sickness came and the root cause of trauma, grief, stress and death. Many sicknesses and diseases will be healed through the power of Jesus through your words and faith.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to show biblical precedent for healing as modeled by Jesus and others in the New Testament.  With this understanding of healing, your mindset will be shifted so that you can step out in confidence to minister healing in every day life situations.